Benefit of Dr.Koutei Cloud usage

Enhance the potential for accurate and flexible planning on the Cloud Computing system.

Convenience, Access and use anywhere

just have Internet.

Reduce business costs,

No need to install it on your server

High security & Standardized

database system

Reduce factory

patrolling time

Easy to use, Support for

Thai language usage

Supports the growth and expansion of

your business in the future

Other Solutions

 Input mold production info

 Interface with Design software

 Schedule work automatically

 Record actual result by a barcode

 Display work progress

 Calculate a real-time costing

 Analyze costing with break-downs

 Estimate costing for a proposal

 Compare plan to actual result

 Reduce loss in mold production

 Estimate the Capacity About Job Acceptance

 Display Multiple Level of Workload

 Display overall workload in the factory

 Synchronize with Dr.Koutei PRO

 Calculate total working hours

Dr.Koutei Web Actual

 See the work plans via Tablet or Smart Phone

 Suitable for factories with limited space

 Display plans of both the main work and

     the support work of that worker

 Display part and process of Mold via QR Code

 Display daily reports of worker


 Decrease report preparation time

 Connect directly to the database

 Specify searching criterias

 Work with Macro

 Auto-generate reports

Machine Link

 Detect a machine operating light

 Link with machine directly

 Record a real actual worktime

 Show current machine status

 Analyze machine wasting time

We will support to "increase" the production efficiency of your factory.


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