Dr.Koutei Web Actual Working Procedure

1) Plan Process & Schedule Work

Planner plans process and creates schedule works on the Dr.Koutei PRO program.

2) Display individual work plans

Workers can see their own plans. Both the main work and the support work.

3) Input work results via the device

Input actual hours via Tablet or Smart Phone.

4) Supports scanning with QR Code

Display part and process of Mold via QR Code.

5) View work report

Check work results and daily reports of workers.

Web Server Requirement : 

   Web Server OS           Web Server               Network  

  Windows OS(64)            Apache2.4     Wireless Network in Factory 


Smart Phone or Tablet : 

                  OS                                      Support Browser

    Android(7.0 or above),                    Google Chrome,

iOS(11 or above), Windows10        Safari, Microsoft Edge

Benefit of Dr.Koutei Web Actual usage

Use with Dr.Koutei PRO for inputing work results via Tablet device or Smartphone.

Suitable for factories with limited space

or can't install PC

Display plans of both the main work

and the support work of that worker

Display part and process of Mold

via QR Code

Supports inputing indirect work results

and displaying daily reports

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