Mold Schedule System

Best Seller in Japan 

 Decrease delay of work, Handling work insertion problems

 Increase mold production planning efficiency

 Check the work load of the factory

  Reduce factory patrolling time by checking a real-time

      work progress in the system

 Know the actual results of working hours and production costs


Mold manufacturers used in Japan


Mold manufacturers used in Thailand and ASEAN

Reduce working time by


Follow progress in Real Time


Our Customers

Responding to the needs of modern business to your factory

   Reduce business costs & resource costs

   Access and use anywhere

   The database system is flexible

   High maintenance and security standards

   Convenience and quickness supports for your future business

5 steps of the Dr.Koutei program

that help you make planning your mold production easier.

   Plan Process

   Schedule Work

   Input Result

   Monitor Progress

   Breakdown Cost

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