Machine Link Working Procedure

By Connecting the actual working data direct from machine, It will help worker to report truly actual running time and lost time from machine And analyze machine utilization.

1) Install the light sensor on the machine

Attach the light sensor to the machine you want to connect. User can manually install the sensor by themself The sensor automatically sends data to the Dr.Koutei program.

2) Scan barcode for job startup

Specify the machine and employee and scan the work barcode to start the job, Or user can select the job from schedule list on the screen. When the machine started the system automatically calculates the setup time.

3) Automatic receive signal from machine

System will read light color from tower lamp to determine machine is stop or running. And user can specify the cause of the machine stopping for further analysis.

4) Show summary report of machine operation

The system can display the history of every machine By using colors to classify the work operation type. The user can view summaries as day, week, month.


When connecting Dr.Koutei to all machine, More over than the machine status displayed Real-Time Users can also analyze machine utilization report in a single screen.

Real-Time Machine Status

The Dr.Koutei system connects all the machine lights in the factory to the system, recognizing which machines are running and stopping immediately

Easy and safe installation

The system uses light sensor technology that is easy to install by users themself. And there is no problem with the warranty of the machinery company

Reduce the problem of forgetting the input results

When the machine is running without the user specified job. The system flashes to the central screen (installed on the TV) to alert the other departments

Increase the efficiency of the machine

A real-time summary of the machine's functionality will help users to analyze, identify, and optimize machine performance

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