DR.Report Working Procedure

Extract data from Dr.Koutei program to automatically generate reports in Excel.

Reduce manual report creation time and also retrieve Real-Time data at any time.

1) Get the sample report from user

Get sample reports that customers want to extract from the Dr.Koutei system. Specify searching condition such as by Job No., date range We will make a summary of the report design toconfirm the understanding.

2) Report Creation

Create a report by specifying the command to retrieve data from the database. Write a Macro in case the report is complex.

3) Login Dr.Report

When you start using Dr.Report on Excel for security reason, you will need to log in to access it. You can specify login permissions for each type of report access.

4) Specify searching condition

Users can specify the conditions of the search on the screen, It can be entered manually or select from the program screen at any time, the user can set what information want to select from the screen.

5) Automatic report creation

Users just click the report button to create a report. System will automatically generate reports immediately.


When connecting Dr.Koutei to Excel in real-time, More over than to reducing the time to generate the report itself.

The data displayed is also reliable because it is pulled directly from the system, not the data key by the user.

Decrease Report Creation Time

Automated report creation on Excel within one click and Real-Time eliminates delays in delivering reports to customers.

The report is reliable

By generating reports, it directly retrieves data from the Dr.Koutei database, eliminating the problem of generating misleading reports from user.

Enhance data analysis

With the summary of the Dr.Koutei system in a variety of formats. So it can help user to analyze data for make a decision.

Increase customer satisfaction

As the system automatically fetches and generates reports, the user can generate reports upon what customer need.

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